Torreta II

Councillor for Innovation and Information in Torrevieja, Joaquín Albaladejo, has announced contract put to tender for the leasing 30 personal computers and associated software, representing an investment of 30,100 euro, which would “generate an extensive renovation of the computers in different municipal areas. Some 17 computers that are to be replaced have been renovated and technologically retrofitted, and will now be used by other municipal departments, resulting in “at least 47 jobs that now have computers to improve citizen services”.

The councillors from the Los Verdes party of Torrevieja are demanding that the city council take action that meets the demands of the residents of Nueva Torrevieja, and take steps to resolve the continuing failure of the public lighting network, which suffers persistent failures. The residents who have reported the problem say that the council´s private contractors do attend and fix the problem when reported, but the constant and frequency must mean that either there is a lack of capacity on the network or it is not able to guarantee the service continuously.

The Torrevieja green party, Los Verdes, have filed another complaint that demands the council takes urgent action to clean up the Torreta II urbanisation. Residents report the “considerable neglect” of a particular plot in the vicinity of the fire and police stations, which was redeveloped and landscaped at the expense of the town hall only five years ago, but one resident, says that “its conservation and maintenance lasted just the time for the opening and for our authorities to take their official photo”, to which the Los Verdes added, “since then, little work has been done to take care of cleaning and maintenance required for any space with these features, letting this little square becomes a dunghill, overrun with weeds and trash and wiping out the palms that initially populated the area”.

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