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The regional minister for education, culture and sport, María José Català, has confirmed that 35% of existing prefabricated classrooms, or portacabins, currently being used by schools across the region, will be removed by the end of the 2013 to 2014 school year.

The statement was made as the minister was underlying the government´s intention to meet their “stated objective” which the President of the Generalitat, Alberto Fabra, made at the beginning of his mandate.

In July 2011, the region had 929 temporary classrooms and in the last two years have eliminated 187, including those which have been taken away from schools who still had a need for them of course, such as was the case on the Orihuela Costa at the end of 2011, as we reported that “This meant even more kids crammed into the existing blocks and an overall lack of basic facilities conducive to an educational environment”.

However, the number is to be added the 142 to be removed upon completion of the works of the five centres that are being built, including the school in Torrevieja, set to open in a matter of weeks. Therefore, by the end of the school year, 329 prefabricated classrooms will be removed, one in three, according to the ministry.

The opening of these centres will mean that 5,600 students in the region will start their next academic year in proper schools, but by the calculations given by the ministry, that must presumably also mean that over 10,000 look set to continue to be crammed into unsuitable, “temporary” accommodation, as has been the case for entire generations in certain areas of the region.

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