In last week´s crackdown on speeding by the Spanish traffic department, 952,903 vehicles were checked, of which 35,479, or 3.72%, were caught and processed for breaking the speed limit.

Over half of those checked were on conventional roads, where 70% of all injuries occur, with 478,142 checks, of which 18,730 were reported as speeders, whereas on motorways there were 474,761 vehicle checks, with 16,749 breaking the law, a lower figure than on the main roads of the network.

The campaign was conducted mostly from ground check points, but the Pegasus airborne speed monitoring device was out and about at key times, which has been proven to be considerably more successful in catching speeding motorists.

During the campaign, four drivers were found to have been committing very serious offences, when driving faster than fifty kilometres per hour more than permitted on the road. In Málaga, a car was clocked doing 219 kilometres per hour on the A-92 motorway, where the limit is 120. In Valencia, another was caught on the AP-7 travelling at 252 kilometres per hour, again on a 120 km stretch of the motorway. In Córdoba, in a 90 kmph section of the A-45, a van registered a speed of 184 on the radar, and in Pontevedra, a car was caught on the PO-551 by radar, travelling at 188 kilometres per hour through a 50 section of road.

These “very serious” offenses could result in imprisonment for three to six months, plus a fine, community service and removal of the driving license for up to four years.

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