A hairless Christiano Ronaldo!

Since the early to mid 90´s, when the term Metrosexual was coined, a neologism, derived from the words metropolitan and heterosexual, male body grooming has become second nature to many, even forming a now natural part of everyday routines.

According to over 10,000 people surveyed by a popular grooming product company, 82% of the Spanish male population is now shaved, cut or trimmed, in terms of body hair.

Of the 3,500 men and 7,000 women, Spain now comes in second place when it comes to ‘bodystyling’, as it has become known, second only to Italy where 85% of men sculpt their body hair. Both the Italian and Spanish men are way ahead of the Brits and French though, where only 59% and 52% respectively partake in some kind of torso trimming treatment, although the groomed areas also spread to ‘other’ areas.

Spanish men are growing in their belief that trimming is the preferred option though, beating all other countries, as 92% of those questioned think that men should shave their body.

It´s not only men who think this is a good idea though, as well as those surveyed. some of the women classed as the world´s sexiest have been championing the trimmed look too, with Rafael Nadal, Brad Pitt and Cristiano Ronaldo all making the top of the charts when it comes to men and their bodies desired by beautiful women.

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