Rosa Martínez of the PSOE

For the third consecutive year the PP run Valencia Government plans to eliminate up to nine classrooms across Orihuela for the 2014 academic year, it was announced this week.

The councillor for education in municipality of Orihuela, Rosa Martínez of the PSOE, made the announcement in a press conference, announcing that Andrés Manjón school will lose a primary and nursery class, La Aparecida will lose two primary classes, whereas the schools of Antonio Sequeros, Villar Palasí, colegio de Desamparados, La Campaneta and San Bartolomé will lose one each.

This figure must also be added to the thirteen classes already removed in the 2011 academic year, plus the six in this, which collectively has been described as an “attack” against public education by Martínez, which has also seen 36 teachers suffer the loss of employment.

It is also believed that the reduction in class numbers will have serious repercussions on those wishing to send their children to schools in the municipality, with Martínez predicting that some parents will be forced to look towards private schools in the future.

Although the move is beyond the control of the local government team, a meeting has been set up by the Municipal School Board, to make urgent plans to try to prevent this extra reduction, which they will then attempt to convince the regional body to reduce the persistent hatchet on public education in Orihuela.

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