Spanish ports received more than 7.66 million cruise passengers during 2013, which indicates an increase of 1.3% compared to the year before, and 3,846 boats of this type stopped in Spain, 3.3% more when compared to 2012, according to the State Ports, which cited 1.255 million euros as the amount of business generated by this industry.

Of the more than 60 million tourists that visited Spain, close to 5 million were cruise ship passengers, which means that around 8% of international tourism that came to our country did so through a port. Total employment – direct, indirect, and inferred – generated by the cruise ship industry rose to 26,389 people last year.

During 2013, Spanish ports registered around 19 million euros as the rate of the fare applied to the passengers of cruises during the last year.

In total, 100,284 more cruise passengers than before were counted, keeping in mind that during 2012, a drop of 5.38% in the number of cruise passengers that came to national territory was recorded, with 4.69% less ships.

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