Oscar de Alfonso obtained 92% of the votes.

On Saturday 8th March 592 Past Master Masons in Spain exercised their right to vote in the elections, in which the candidate Oscar de Alfonso obtained 92% of the votes.

With this result, Spanish Masonry will continue the stage of renovation and openness commenced in 2010.

"The Grand Lodge of Spain has lived these last four years in an atmosphere of transparency, peace and stability. This situation has allowed for intense work in such areas as Masonic training, the publication of books and texts, the modernization of administrative and communications and promotion of Freemasonry in our social environment.

It is now time to take a step forward and embrace the society in which we live without complex in order that we may publicize the values we defend", explained the Grand Master.

The Grand Lodge of Spain is the most extended masonic institution in the country, to which nine out of ten Spanish masons belong.

In addition to representing the whole practice of Spanish Freemasonry, it is also the depositary of its historic legacy, by integrating with the Spanish Grand Orient founded in 1889, and is the only Spanish body with Masonic ties of friendship and gratitude with 174 large regular Grand Lodges from around the world.
In our Province ballot boxes were manned and placed in Valencia, Javea and Ciudad Quesada.

A very high turnout was made by the Past Masters of the Valencian Province who voted in overwhelming favour of our newly re-elected Grand Master Oscar de Alfonso.

Spanish Freemason of the Year Award is presented to a Valencian Freemason

At the annual Grand Lodge of Spain´s National Freemasons Assembly held on Saturday 8th March in Madrid, a Valencian Freemason was honoured with the very special award of “Spanish Freemason of the Year”. Here we can see the newly re-elected Grand Master of Spain (on the left) awarding the certificate to Barrie Roy Mansell, the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia.

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