Joaquín Albaladejo

The Councillor of Finance, Joaquin Albaladejo, stressed that the debt of the consistory of Torrevieja has been reduced by more than 14 percentage points, from 86.44% at December 31st, 2012, to 71.88% at December 31st 2013.

The city of Torrevieja is therefor on budget stability, with a positive net saving in the Sanitation Plan, ordered by the central government.

Joaquín Albaladejo has emphasized that the management and work of all the councilors of the government team of Torrevieja (PP) resulted in a reduction of current expenses of 14.55% compared with 2012.

After this improvement of the economic situation in the City of Torrevieja to December 31, 2013, there will be no need for the government team to raise taxes. It will also ensure payment of salaries for all employees of the City.

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