The 62,31 percent of Spanish women who have had an abortion in the last four months would do it illegally or abroad if a restrictive bill is approved, according to a survey released today.

The Clinics Association for Termination of Pregnancy carried out this poll among six thousand 45 women who had abortions in their clinics in that period and the 31,94 percent answered they would do it in another country and 30,37 percent in secret.

The bill, if passed, would allow termination of pregnancy only in cases of rape and danger to life, causes which will prevent nearly the hundred percent of all respondents to do it legally, according to the survey.

When presenting the report, the president of the association, Francisca García, argued that the government’s initiative does not comprehend preventive measures and considered it should be withdrawn.

The bill, which should be discussed in Parliament this year, is rejected by the opposition and the women’s and doctors’ association who consider it limits freedom and will cause a 30-year backwards in the country.

Likewise, it is considered as unsafe for life since it will favor illegal abortions and discrimination inasmuch as it will allow women with greater financial resources to carry out termination of pregnancy abroad.


via Prensa Latina News Agency – Spain: Restrictive Abortion Bill Criticized in Survey.

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