This is the largest illegal entry ever recorded

Hundreds of immigrants gained entry into Melilla today (Tuesday) in a massive assault on the new fence that separates the autonomous Spanish city from Morocco

Observers say that around 500 immigrants from sub-Saharan origin made a massive assault on the fence taking advantage of the dense fog in the area, catching border guards and the Spanish authorities by surprise.

According to police sources, they are still waiting for the official data as people continue to be processed at Government Offices. This would prove to be the largest assault ever recorded on the North African enclave.

The visibility at the time the assault, about 8 o clock this morning, was minimal, people could barely see a few feet from the perimeter. This quite obviously played into the immigrants hands who then used the element of surprise to gain entry.

It is the largest illegal entry ever recorded, even exceeding those recorded in 2005.

After jumping the fence, immigrants were directed towards the Temporary Centre for Immigrants (CETI), which, before today’s arrivals, was already home to about 1,400 people, three times its capacity.

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