The politicians seem to have little consideration for the public

Orihuela is not the only town in the Vega Baja which is governed by a minority council. Thne same situation also applies in Bigastro where the mayoress, Charo Bañuls (PP), continues to use her veto at council votes to block motions submitted by the majority opposition made up of the PSOE and Los Verdes.

The most recent occasion was last week’s plenary where she used her vote on seven different occasions, which the Socialist group have denounced as a violation of the citizens rights in the small town.

In her defence the mayor says that that she is only repaying the Psoe who have systematically excluded PP motions in an attempt to prevent opposition rule.

Unfortunately while the politicians play their silly games, with little thought for the suffering public, the situation could be allowed to continue until the next series of local elections due for May 2015.

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