Normally actively involved in the protection of the environment, and vocal in their campaign thereof, the Los Verdes green party of Torrevieja has called upon the town hall to take action to destroy an element seen as crucial by other environmentalists.

The Los Verdes have approached the Mayor of Torrevieja asking that the protocol for eradicating mosquitoes in the area be implemented sooner than planned, as they are “haunting the people living on developments located in the vicinity of the lagoons”.

As mosquitoes provide a food for many different birds, this is seen as a surprise move for an environmentally concerned group, especially given the reported sharp decline in the number of bird families seen nesting in the salt lakes this year.

The greens see the “discomfort caused by the presence of these annoying insects” as a more important factor than the role they play in the ecosystem, where properties have been built on land where the insects would normally be allowed to develop naturally.

The greens are insisting on the need to “undertake a preventive policy in eradicating insects”, before the problem occurs, calling once more for a monitoring procedure for the elimination of insects and rodents, which they want to be active for the whole year.

The hopes of the group now seemingly switching their focus on protecting the comfort of tourists and residents over the environmental matters is to prevent “unpleasant vacation periods caused by mosquito bites, with consequential discomfort, inconvenience, pharmacy visits and assistance with medical emergencies, etc”.

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