International residents registered to vote in Spain for the upcoming European elections total 336,586 people, according to the data released by the Institute of National Statistics.

In total, more than 36.5 million people over 18 are registered on the electoral roll in Spain, of which 34.49 million are Spaniards living in Spain and 1.72 million are Spaniards living abroad, to which the 336,586 Europeans residing in Spain must be added.

Of the foreign voters living in Spain, the British lead the way, with a total of 82,000 people having registered. In second place are residents from Romania, with 76,000 voters. Next are Italians, although some way behind, with 36,760 voters, there are 35,529 Germans, 26,903 French, 16,771 from Portugal and 13,099 from Bulgaria. The numbers then start to diminish considerably, with some other notable figures being 3,564 Irish voters, but just 36 from Malta and 23 from Cyprus.

The data also reveals that Alicante is the province with the largest number and proportion of foreign voters, with more than 56,000 people having registered, some 4.35% of the total provincial census. In the build up to the electoral registration process, the Diputación de Alicante had been involved in a series of tours, guides and interactive websites to try to encourage and assist foreign voters in Spain.

However, in the 2013 census, Torrevieja alone recorded 58,418 foreign residents, and Orihuela had 39,239, collectively having nearly 100,000 foreigners living in these two places alone, almost a fifth of the 506,062 registered foreign residents of the Alicante province. Just 56,000 of that half a million have expressed an intention to exercise a right to vote in Spain, bearing in mind that a number of those international residents will not be of European origin.

Behind Alicante, in relative terms are Málaga , Castellón, Almería and the Balearic Islands, although Madrid is the second province with the highest number of foreigners registered on the electoral roll, with more than 44,700, followed by Málaga with 31,237, and Barcelona, with just under 30,000.

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