In addition to the changes in laws for driving in Spain, the Ministry of Public Works has announced new road signs that will be appearing throughout the network, promising more information to drivers relating to everything from directions, fuel stations, curves and transport links.

However, some of these signs may not appear anytime soon, as many of the new signs will only be put in place when the current signs are considered in need of repair or replacement, with the exception being those that are considered to be safety critical, such as warning of sharp curves or other road features, as indicated in the publication of the official state notice this week.

Another safety element being introduced on more Spanish roads is distance separation chevrons, already widely used in countries such as France and Portugal, as well as in places in the UK, which have already been painted on the A-42 road in Getafe, Madrid. Designed to reduce rear-end collisions by indicating the minimum distance required between vehicles, with the number of chevrons depending on the speed of the vehicles. As well as main roads, these features will also start to appear in various tunnels on the road network, with 85 kilometres of road being covered in 24 Spanish provinces.

Some roundabouts will also see new information signs displayed, using pictograms to indicate the direction of exit from the roundabout, although quite whether this will lead to a simpler process for drivers will remain to be seen, given the current different practices adopted by native Spanish drivers and those who come from international destinations, both of whom are trained differently, often leading to utter confusion during one of the most crucial times of leaving a main road at an intersection.

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