The Guardia Civil traffic department has launched a mini campaign to check number plates on vehicles, paying particular attention to ensuring that the details of the registration are clearly visible in the event of being snapped by a traffic law enforcement device.

The move is thought to be in preparation for the new traffic laws which come into force in May, whereas not only will radar detectors be banned, but officers will no longer have to stop a vehicle in order to issue a fine.

By ensuring that the number plate details are correct, this will ensure that anybody breaking the law can be brought to justice quicker.

Although some of the techniques are nothing but urban myths, the officers will also be checking for any signs that a driver may have tried to camouflage a number plate, by suing such things as spray or stickers. One such range of stickers, which are coming from Russia, are hardly visible to the naked eye as the number plate looks normal, but renders the letters and numbers invisible to traffic cameras. Other stickers on the market are designed to increase the reflective flash of a camera, thus theoretically whitewashing the photograph and making the number plate unreadable.

When the new legislation comes into force on the 9th of May, there will be a 200 euro fine for using a radar detector, as well as the loss of points, with the exception of those devices that warn of fixed cameras, the information which is already published by the Dgt.

The Guardia Civil have also said that they will continue to monitor social network sites for warnings of their presence, moving to a new location should drivers become aware that they are there.

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