According to data released by the Valencia government, the region has some of the best quality beaches in Spain, with 90% of all beaches having “excellent” water quality, with a further 5.5% being classed as “good”.

As part of the monitoring plan for beaches, Programa de Control de la Calidad de las Zonas de Baño de la Comunitat Valenciana, 197 beaches across the region were checked, from 226 points of reference.

According to the data, 95.5% of those beaches registered as being of particularly high standard in preparation for the 2014 season, representing “the best results obtained so far”.

In the Alicante province, 94 beaches were tested, with 93 of them being classed as either “excellent” or “good”, thus totalling 98.9%. As for the province of Castellón, its 46 tested beaches have excellent quality water, but Valencia seemed to let the side down a little, with just 49 of its 57 beaches rating highly, or just 85.9%., although that is one more beach than last year.

The aim of the scheme is to verify the quality of bathing water and develop appropriate management of the beaches as a whole to prevent any circumstance that might affect bathing areas. Monitoring involves the analysis of natural and artificial channels that reach the sea in bathing areas or nearby.

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