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The Department of Education in the Valencia regional government has issued a statement explaining how more than 3,000 students across the region are no longer being taught in prefabricated, portable classrooms, and are now educated in purpose built school buildings.

The announcement was made after a commitment given by the government to eliminate 75% of this type of “portacabin” school by the end of the current administration.

The spokesperson for the department, María José Català, explained that during 2013, 329 temporary classrooms were eliminated, thanks to the construction of five new schools, including the CEIP Acequión en Torrevieja, and before the end of the term, another 14 schools will be completed, including the long awaited school on the Orihuela Costa, thus eliminating a further 300 temporary classes, with the overall aim, by the end of this legislative period, being just 1.2% of classrooms operating from portacabins.

The total investment in educational infrastructure for 2014 is 47 million euro, from which more than 28 million will be allocated for the building of 14 new schools and 9 million for completion of those which are underway.

The Government of Valencia has built 27 new schools across the three provinces of the region since the beginning of their administrative term, which involves an investment of over 100 million euro. A total of 11 new schools are in Alicante, the same number in Valencia and 5 in Castellón. From those schools, there have been 103 infant classrooms completed, which must include the infant school on the Orihuela Costa which has so far not been necessary, 175 primary classrooms and 46 secondary school classrooms, plus 14 for higher education and an additional 3 for vocational training.

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