Despite previously praising themselves on the savings made through staffing costs, in the next plenary session of Torrevieja town hall, it is expected that the council will approve a half a million euro payment, which has so far not been budgeted for, to enable them to pay 535,000 euro in overtime to town hall staff.

However, one of the more shocking revelations that have come from the plans to approve the payment, is that more than half of the bill, 266,772.17 euro, is to be shared between just 35 of their staff of 600. One single person alone, who is responsible for municipal contracts, is set to receive 17,881 euro in overtime, along with 7,000 euro for a secretary.

When it is considered that the current minimum wage in Spain stands at just under 10,000 euro per year, this overtime bill alone could have easily paid for an additional 26 workers to carry out the tasks covered by those individuals now set to receive such incredible boosts to their pay packet from the municipal funds.

That said, the agreement to make the payment may well smooth relationships with the local police a little, as the largest collective group who will be receiving their overtime is them, with 12 officers set to receive payments ranging from between 5,041 euro and 12,300 euro, including the chief of police, Manuel Antonio López Vera, his son, who is also a serving officer, three members of the GRO task force, and other officers.

The payment schedule is currently in the hands of a financial committee for review and approval before being presented to the town hall, with the ruling PP expected to approve the payment. It should also be noted that there are also a small group of town hall workers who have taken the decision to save the public funds from this additional financial burden, by waiving their overtime payment in exchange for time off in lieu.

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