It may seem like a long time ago since a monthly plenum meeting in Torrevieja occured without protest, but with so many gripes against the management of the municipality, it requires a novelty to be noticed in a sea of complaint.

In the April meeting, a group of local police officers managed to get their message across with a new way of being featured, by removing their shirts and displaying signs of indignation on their torsos.

For a considerable length of time now, the police in Torrevieja have been trying to find a reslotion to their working hours and conditions, but have yet to be met by the ruling PP team to even discuss their issues in full.

And so, these officers took their protest to the next level, although once again being evicted from the public gallery in order for the meeting to continue.

It´s not only the police who have continued their protest however, the waste disposal teams congregated once again, still continuing their calls to discuss the threats to their future, and once again claiming that the governing team are failing to even discuss their problems either. Some of the waste disposal workers also joined in with the topless protest.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has threatened disciplinary action against those involved, but at least if proceedings are initiated, it might actually be the start of some kind of dialogue between the two sides.

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