The government team of Orihuela has set a new ordinance in the municipality, which aims to “improve the quality of life for residents”, according to the councillor who presented the plan this week, Antonio Zapata.

However, the ordinance will still require processing and approval from the information commission before it can be adopted in full, it has been met with positive action in the areas it has been tested, although not without criticism, as some people complained over signs appearing in children´s playing parks prohibiting ball games in the last week, which were done as a direct result of complaints from residents over noise.

The University Miguel Hernández has been instrumental in the campaign, and the town hall has advanced the creation of an acoustic map of the city, which will then take into account elements such as land classification and the technical building specifications, combining the requirements of both legislation and classification to set the minimum values for each area.

The new ordinance will determine the technical characteristics of sound limiters and monitors, as well as clearly stating a system of penalties, depending on the severity of violations, although there will also be a warning period for remedial action before sanctions are imposed.

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