Torrevieja Police Cars

Torrevieja´s abundance of police cars may be spending even more time parked outside the station in the future, after it was revealed that around a dozen of the city´s officers have been reported to the traffic department as being of questionable ability to drive for medical grounds.

The traffic department has responded to some of the claims by putting a two month test period in place for some of the officers, to ascertain if they are fit to drive or not. Failure to attend the tests would immediately result in the loss of the driving permit.

However, some believe that the reasons for the report are not out of concern for the officers themselves, but another attempt to discredit the management of the police by the town hall, as part of the ongoing dispute between the police and the ruling Partido Popular government team.

Working hours and conditions have been put under additional strain recently, following such instances as overtime not being paid to all officers, some apparently being paid in favour of others, the changes in staff working hours and covering of holidays, including for those who waivered overtime payment in exchange for days off.

In total, the active police force of Torrevieja has seen a drop of up to 20% in capacity as a result, with many shifts being left uncovered or cut short. More than half of the 170 officers on the force have signed a letter asking for the mayor, Eduardo Dolón, to act in resolving the work disputes that have been going on for over two years now, and have been the subject of protests in the town hall and the streets of the city, including a topless display this month, for which some of the officers may face disciplinary proceedings.

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