The gas man crashes

Officers from the Guardia Civil arrested a 53 year old van driver from Vera this week, after his van was involved in a single vehicle collision.

This sort of incident is luckily quite rare, but what is even luckier is that the vehicle he was driving was loaded with butane gas canisters, and the driver was six times over the legal alcohol limit.

The incident occurred on the Almería road between the towns of Cuevas del Almanzora and Garrucha, when the vehicle is said to have collided with a wall alongside the road.

Of the 80 gas canisters on board the vehicle, 45 of them were fully loaded, and 31 of them fell from the vehicle into the road as a result of the collision.

Upon attending the scene, the Guardia Civil were suspicious that the driver, the lone occupant of the vehicle, may have been under the influence of alcohol, and thus conducted a computerized breathalyzer test.

Being a professional driver, the permitted alcohol limit is lower than that of a normal road user, although the standard rate is much lower than other countries, but the results concluded that he was 6 times over the legal limit.

The driver was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle intended for the transport of dangerous goods with a rate of alcohol higher than that allowed. The driver was delivered to the courts in Vera.

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