Guardamar Caliope

A woman, of sub-Saharan origin, gave birth on Tuesday, moments after boarding a coast guard ship engaged in rescuing over 50 people from a small boat in the Alborán sea.

A Spanish navy ship was also nearby, with a doctor on board, and moved to the area, but the staff on the rescue ship had already assisted in the birth, cutting the umbilical cord and reporting both mother and baby were doing fine.

A French navy ship had spotted the small craft in the sea and alerted the coast guard, who immediately dispatched a rescue helicopter along with the rescue ship to the scene. Upon arrival, the crew noted 52 people on board the vessel, including children, and began the rescue operation.

The rescue ship, Guardamar Caliope, took now 53 passengers, including the woman and baby, plus 13 other women, 33 men and 5 children, to the port of Almería.

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