New information is emerging about more court cases relating to houses in the municipality of Partaloa in Almeria. This time it is 29 houses in the area of Retamar and as usual the prosecution is asking for demolition.

The latest case, which was initiated 7 years ago, is a criminal case relating to an alleged planning crime against the promoter of the houses as well as corruption charges against a series of other individuals and is pending a hearing in Criminal Court number 2 in Almeria.

The company Residencial Retamar S.L. is also cited in the case. The victims, third party purchasers in good faith, could find themselves without a house and without compensation if the accused are convicted.

Speaking on behalf of homeowners association AUAN, its president Maura Hillen said “It’s mostly British and Belgians in Retamar. The problem, as we have previously said, is that the proceedings are not registered in Property Register and therefore it is possible that the houses have changed hands whilst this case has been going on. And, at the moment it is the Belgians who are buying”.

In this particular case the State Prosecutor has already asked that the victims be offered the opportunity to take part in the case to defend their interests. Asked if homeowners were taking part in this case to argue against the demolition of their homes, Mrs Hillen said “I don’t know but it is not uncommon to find that the homeowner cannot be contacted, or they do not really understand the procedure and assume that merely attending court in response to the initial summons and signing some papers is sufficient but this is not the case”. Gerardo Vazquez legal advisor to AUAN said “This is correct. You need to nominate an abogado and a Procurator to represent you in court. Otherwise, you will not be informed when the case goes to trial”.

If you think that you may be affected by the proceedings in Retamar please contact AUAN on

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