Following an alert of pollution on the Orihuela Costa this week, the sample of deposits collected by the environmental department has been tested, and has been proven to be non-toxic.

As a result, the red flags preventing bathing will be removed on Friday morning, and bathing can resume on the four beaches to the south of the municipality which had been closed.

The matter found on the beach was thought to have come from the ships partaking in a Nato training exercise off the Orihuela Costa, although the full investigation into the appearance is ongoing.

For the Orihuela Costa, the event at least led to the protocol for dealing with such a potential incident being implemented, all with the aim of ensuring the safety of beachgoers, and will at least have served as both a training and analysis exercise should a real emergency ever occur.

The emergency coordination teams have already planned a meeting this week to discuss communication and preparation in the event of flooding caused by the September rainy season, so the results of this implementation of protocol will no doubt also be discussed then too, allowing any potential problems and issues to be resolved before a real event.

The councillor for the coast, Martina Scheurer, told The Leader that things “can always be improved”, but “on the whole it all went well”.

During the times when the beaches are covered by security and safety staff, it is always prudent to look out for the flag colour, and heed the instructions of those who serve in the interest of public safety. A red flag will always indicate that bathing is prohibited.

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