Italian vehicle manufacturer Fiat has just released their latest commercial vehicle from their “Professional” range in Spain, the sixth generation of its Ducato model, offering a reduction in total operating costs and has new technologies and design.

The development of the vehicle was targeted towards improving efficiency and value, whilst focussing on increasing technology. To do this, the company claims to have improved the strength and durability of the van, as well as introducing innovative elements with what they are calling “a customer-oriented design”.

Described as resembling a Spartan Warrior helmet, the most striking visual element is the front end of the vehicle, where ergonomic Led lighting wraps around the shape of the mean and forceful image.

Compared to the previous generation, the new Ducato has a range of engines that have fuel consumption and emissions 10% lower than before, with a combined benefit of a reduction in overall weight. The new Fiat Professional model will be offered with a total of three different engines, with four power options, delivering 115, 130, 150 or 180 hp, with a robotised gearbox.

Inside the vehicle, the most modern element here involves the introduction of the “UConnect” infotainment system with navigation and driving aids, which can not only monitor tyre pressure, it also keeps an eye on traffic signals, warns of lane departure, has a hill descent and cruise control, amongst others key elements.

If those two key elements alone don´t satisfy or tantalise you into choosing this particular van, then you have nothing to worry about as you can choose from a staggering 1,000 different body variants, or an awe inspiring 10,000 different options, including varying capacity of between 8 and 17 cubic metres and accommodation for up to 17 people.

As a commercial vehicle, the price is also somewhat competitive, especially given the different design capabilities to fit the need of the client, with a standard package price coming in at 17,633 euro for the basic model version with 115 hp engine, up to the top-end factory version at 26,064 euro.

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