The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has this week expressed his satisfaction in the amount of investment grants awarded by the central government to the city, for the 2015 to 2018 fiscal period.

Of the 28 million euro destined to Torrevieja, some 15 million will come from the Ministry of Development, specifically for the widening to two lanes of the N-332 coast road as it runs through the city.

A notable traffic black spot for many years, the bottleneck is the only portion of the road ignored locally during the widening schemes over the last decade. The road also feeds one of the biggest cities in the area and the main motorway network, and often carried more traffic than any other road in the area.

The money to widen the N-332 will be spread over the entire period however, with 1 million granted in 2015, 5 million in 2016, 5 million in 2017 and finally 4 million in 2018. Dolón thanked his government for considering the appeals for funding to ease this nightmarish burden.

An additional 12 million euro will come from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, which will be allocated as part of a Land Restitution Plan developed during the construction of the desalination plant to the south of the city. Again, this funding will be split with 4 million in 2015 and 8 million in 2016.

Finally, Dolón states that 409,000 euro will be invested in 2015 by the state transport infrastructure section, aimed at creating a new spur road from the CV-95, which will bypass the N-332 near the Torrevieja Hospital and desalination plant, thus easing the traffic even more.

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