An investigation was confirmed this week after two passenger jets, a Ryanair Boeing 737 flying from Leeds, and a Boeing 737 heading to Glasgow, were involved in a near miss at Málaga airport on September the 17th.

The report states that the Ryanair plane was landing on the same runway as the aircraft was taking off, resulting in the Ryanair aborting the landing and flying over the top of the with around 400 to 500 vertical feet separation.

The accident investigation report issued on the 3rd of October reports that “the operations performed by each aircraft were hampered by being carried on the same runway heading” and a “loss of separation occurred”, continuing to explain that a full investigation has been launched.

The Ryanair jet landed safely some 18 minutes after the incident, whereas the aircraft continued without further incident.

Meanwhile, on Monday, a further investigation was reported to have been launched into an incident involving an Easyjet Airbus A319 on the 21st of September, in which a member of cabin crew suffered a broken wrist.

The flight from Liverpool to Madrid was descending towards the Spanish capital when it suffered an “unexpected jolt”, resulting in the flight attendant suffering the injury which led to her being taken to hospital upon arrival at Madrid.

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