King Felipe and Queen Letizia attend the presentation of the 23rd edition of the dictionary of the Spanish language this week, in a ceremony held in Real Academia Española, Madrid.

The dictionary is created through the collaboration of over 20 different associations, who operate under the umbrella group of the Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española.

The paper version of the dictionary covers 2,376 pages, and has undergone a major overhaul during the thirteen years since the previous edition in 2001.

There are some 93,111 entries in the dictionary, compared with 84,431 in the previous version and double the number in the first, published in 1780.

In all, the dictionary includes 195,439 definitions, including about 19,000 Americanisms, with 140,000 amendments to 49,000 items, and 1,350 words deleted.

In the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, there were more than 600 new words, phrases, and senses added, including the revision of several everyday words, such as week, day, and group. New additions included fact check, workaround, and First World problem.

Of course it would take far too long to detail all of the amendments here, you can assign yourself your own homework tasks to research these, other notable words, including caseworker, contrafactive, daiwhomly, High Dutchman, and Red Army Fraction, workerism, and one of our own favourites, Little Bear.

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