The Spanish road hauliers association has announced a second strike, which will commence on the 17th of November, and last for at least 72 hours, unless the Spanish government return the money raised through the additional tax on fuel known as the “health cent”.

The strike was agreed by all employers and business associations of the sector at the meeting of the National Committee for Road Transport in the freight segment on Tuesday.

After the meeting, all industry associations signed a manifesto denouncing the “delay” by the tax authority in processing the repayment of amounts collected by the health cent, since the EU courts ruled the tax as contrary to Community law in a hearing in February.

The manifesto read “The Tax Office has uselessly delayed the process and has tried to fool the transport sector with the sole intention to glossing over the exact fulfilment of the judgment, appropriating money that it is required to return”, therefore declaring the industrial action from the 17th of November, on account of “the Government not modifying its initial decision and has not ordered the strict enforcement of the judgment in fair terms”.

The “health cent” was added to fuel in order to help the government finance the National Health Service, however, the minister for finance has said that the refund of the money will cost the public administration some 400 million euro.

The strike is likely to affect distribution of everything from food and clothing to fuel and manufacturing.

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