Although the commercialisation of Christmas is always a criticism that seems to increase as much as the amount of marketing given to the annual event, similar complaints are less vocal when it comes to Halloween, although that too is growing in terms of commercial gain.

The latest statistics from the UK reveal that 68% of all families will be celebrating this year, injecting a whopping 240 million pounds into the retail sector, according to research firm Mintel.

This is great news for supermarkets, as 65% of those family shopper heads say that they will use the superstores for their Halloween purchases. It´s not bad news for the bargain basement stores either as 29% of shoppers said that they would be shopping in high street discount stores, although the discounters come slightly lower than the 32% who would use on-line grocery websites.

The amount of products bought is also set to increase with 39% of those shoppers asked saying that they intend to buy more this year than they did last year. That´s perhaps no surprise when you consider that food and drink products which are specifically branded to include Halloween have increased by 263% between 2009 and 2013.

But, as the haunting season comes to a close, the attentions can only turn to the next big thing, as full focus steams ahead to the day when the big man in a white beard comes a calling, speading festive joy and happiness to all.

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