Selling a Second Hand Car in Spain (PROBLEMS).

We have received many private messages about people who have sold his car to another person and after several years the log book have not been renewed.

Therefore the annual tax (SUMA) and all speeding tickets are sent to the old owner.

Here we post 2 of the many messages we have received, ir order to avoid this situations happen again.


“Please may I ask you a question?.

I sold a car a few years ago and the buyer promised to transfer the documents himself the next day at traffico, he did not do this and then sold the car to another person and to this date the papers have not been changed and I do not no the new owner.

I have put the car into Baja with my lawyer but should I also inform the Guardia Civil that someone is driving the vehicle in my name without my permission.

The person I sold the car to has now moved to England.”

“Hello I have a question…

Some elderly friends sold a car over 3 years ago. They were told that the papers would be changed…but guess what they wasn’t.

They have no idea where the car is it who has it. There paid the suma for 3 years!!! I asked trafico Alicante and was told without any papers or proof of sale then I could only do a Baja temporal which is what they did.

The friendshave now received a speeding the car is still being driven but they don’t know who by and what to do.. Should they make a police report so that the police stop the car??

Trafico have told me it is insured but won’t give details of the person who has insured it.

They just want to end this mess and are elderly so it is worrying them very much. I have explained that the legal requirement was theirs and that they should have made sure the name change was done but of course it’s too late now!!

Should they pay the fine?? Also they have an advisory to notify who the driver was….but again they don’t know!!

When you sell a car, remember you need to fill in a SALE CONTRACT, and make a photocopy of the buyer´s id.

Inform the buyer that he has 15 days to go to the Traffic Office and change the Log Book into his name and send you a copy to verify this has happened.

After 15 days, If he has not done it. YOU have to go to the Traffic Office with:
1.Your ID
2. Photocopy of the buyer´s id.
3. Sales Contract (Signed for both- Buyer and Seller)
4. Fill in the “Notification of Sale” Document. (You can download from dgt website or get a copy on the information desk of the Traffic Office.)

If for any reason you have forgotten to do these steps and you can not contact the buyer, go to the Traffic Office and deregister your vehicle, we called in Spain :”Dar de Baja Temporal un Vehiculo”.
From that moment you will not pay the annual tax, and when the vehicle is stopped by the police, and they check that the vehicle is deregistered, the vehicle will be clamped or towed away until the problem is solved

1. Temporary deregistration registering a temporarily deregistered vehicle (Info):

2. “Notification of Sale” Document, click here to download directly from dgt website:

3. Notification of Transmission or Sale of the vehicle (Info);

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