Historic vehicles that are not able to exceed the speed of 40 kilometres per hour should drive on the shoulder,

We have been asked by a number of classic car owners and associations about the laws that refer specifically to this type of vehicle and what provisions the drivers must make when driving on Spanish roads.

Royal Decree 1247/1995, deals with the reglamento de vehículos históricos, rules for historic vehicles, or classic cars, under article 10 of the Normas de circulación.

First and foremost, unless rules are specifically in place for this type of vehicle, classic cars are governed by the same laws and rules as normal vehicles, including the requirement of liability insurance.

The rules relating to the technical inspection and registration are also applicable, as per normal vehicles. The period of the technical inspection also remains the same, unless otherwise indicated in the official report.

Those vehicles which, on account of their age or constructive characteristics, do not have lights or indicators as are normally required by law, they are not allowed to travel between sunset and sunrise, or in circumstances which would normally require the use of these lights and indicators.

Historic vehicles that are not able to exceed the speed of 40 kilometres per hour should drive on the shoulder, if practicable and it is sufficient, or, alternatively, as close as possible to the right outside edge of the roadway, except when overtaking or turning left, manoeuvres which may force other drivers to abruptly change the direction or speed of their vehicles.

Historic vehicles are not allowed on the motorway if they are unable to reach a speed of at least 60 kilometres per hour.

The Dirección General de Tráfico also reserves the right to prohibit classic cars on certain dates and routes, if they are not able to exceed the speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

As for situation when classic cars can travel on the roads as a group, Annex II of the Reglamento General de Circulación, article 32 of section 3 details Participación de vehículos históricos and refers to the question of group activities.

Vehicles categorised as classic cars under Royal Decree 1247/1995, or over 25 years old and in numbers greater than 10, and with a speed of less than 50 kilometres per hour on average, as well as participating in events or demonstrations, rallies, competitions or, in general, any kind of event in which there is established classification on the basis of vehicle movement, either in terms of speed or regularity, will require administrative authorisation.

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