Following the success of the pilot scheme launched in Asturias and Castile y Leon, the DGT has announced that from July they will expand the publication of the location of mobile speed detectors on the roads. radar Specifically, from July, the DGT will publish the periodic locations of 1,200 sections of roads, divided into 50 provinces, detailing the approximate location at any point of any of their 800 mobile radar units. The initiative was announced in February as part of a package of improvements to help manage excessive speed on the roads, by advising drivers of the approximate location so as they may slow down for a longer period than if they only spot the radars at the last moment, thus resulting in a safer flow of traffic for longer periods of time. According to the head of the DGT, María Seguí, “The criteria for locating these radars are the result of applying a method developed and tested in seven provinces and takes into account four parameter; the number of serious incidents, the overall number of incidents irrespective of severity, the information relating to the speed of the road and the road characteristics”. The post More Mobile Radar Locations to be Published appeared first on Driving In Spain.
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