A drunk passenger who disrupted a Jet2 flight to Ibiza back in July and who was then given a lifetime ban by the carrier, has now been given a bill to the tune of nearly four thousand euros for what the company described as “costs incurred”. Jamie Ferguson, 21, flew to Ibiza in July but was sent back to Glasgow six days later after being arrested by the police. When the Glasgow flight touched down on Ibiza on July 13th, Ferguson, who was displaying drunk-like behaviour, ignored seat belt signs, left his seat, and ran aggressively towards a female member of the cabin crew who was seated and strapped in, ready for landing. Ferguson leant towards the crew member, shouting into her face that he needed to use the toilet, while using foul and abusive language.

The exchange was overheard by the entire plane full of passengers, including children. The incident ended when fellow crew members managed to calm Ferguson down, who by this time was being restrained by his friends. When Ferguson was arrested by the police, Jet2 staff had to go to give statements and this led to knock-on delays and extra charges incurred by the airline, with the return flight being delayed by two hours, with 179 passengers being left frustrated. Ferguson is now left with having to pick up the costs in what travel experts say is the first case of its kind that they have come across, which is part of Jet2’s new no-tolerance policy towards drunken behaviour.

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