In a press conference held on Thursday in Torrevieja, the government team announced the provisional closure of the Virgen del Carmen cultural centre, after this facility became the latest to be identified as lacking the requisite licence to open.

This is the second municipal building where the drastic action has been taken, the other being the municipal theatre, having been open for public events for the last 10 years.

The government team are calling for anybody who had previously been involved in governing Torrevieja during the last 27 years to resign, as they have blatantly risked the safety of the public by ignoring established rules and regulations governing the opening of premises such as these.

Events scheduled to take place in the Virgen del Carmen centre will now be relocated to other venues which are legally allowed to open.

The town hall are also taking action against businesses such as bars and restaurants who flout the rules, and so it is seen only right that they themselves should get their own at together.

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