The government of Torrevieja has announced that an illegal roundabout which was built near to the Lagunas college will be demolished by the end of next week.

Notice was given by the courts in August, 2013, seven years after it had been built, although the company who constructed the roundabout were bankrupt and so the town hall were to pay the 41,000 euro to return the road to normal.

Despite being the subject of a court case, no previous action had been taken to rectify the problem by removing the illegal structure, and so the current government has taken upon themselves to remedy the situation. The roundabout markings had been recently repainted.

At the same time, the government announced that redevelopment work at the Eras de la Sal in the city has been put on hold, until the designs for the renovations are approved, on account of criticism of the designs after spokesperson Fanny Serrano said the designer “had not grasped the spirit and the idiosyncrasies of the enclosure”.

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