A 23-year-old woman didn’t case the joint when she and her mates tried to rob an Alicante City apartment, because it just happened to be owned by a National Police officer who was inside it at the time with his son. The robber was at the door with two accomplices as they started picking the lock of the flat, with the noise attracting the attention of the officer. He looked at them through the peephole and identified himself as a policeman, leading them to flee the scene.  The chase was then on and the copper managed to grab the woman, as her friends trying to pull her free from his clutches. Her bad day was completed as her cohorts gave up on her and ran away whilst the officer managed to restrain her along with the help of a neighbour, who by sheer coincidence was a Guardia Civil officer.  The incident happened in June, but details have only just been released, with the woman’s accomplices still on the run.

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