The Virgen del Carmen centre in Torrevieja officially reopened today, after finally receiving the necessary paperwork and licenses to allow it to operate.

The application dates back to 2005 but was never approved. The centre was therefore closed down by the current government until they could be assured of the safety aspects of the building and the legitimacy of the operation. Those checks were confirmed as concluded on Friday but because of the weekend the official opening was delayed until Monday.

Meanwhile, some 24 workers still situated in the Municipal Theatre had to be relocated as they had continued to work in that building despite it also being closed down for licensing reasons. The reopening of that site will take considerably longer, and so the workers have been placed in other municipal buildings.

Finally, the government team has also announced that they are investigating alternative uses for the Music Auditorium, as that 53 million euro construction is currently costing 360,000 euro per year to keep closed, as it too is unsuitable for the purpose it was first designed.

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