The Compromís-Podemos political collaboration has announced a series of measures for creating and improving the transport infrastructure in the Valencia region, in the event of them obtaining enough seats in the elections on the 20th of December.

One of the main points of their “new approach” is the removal of tolls on the motorway network, primarily affecting the AP-7 route.

Apart from specific actions to increase safety in urban areas, they would look at diverting money away from building high-capacity roads and invest that money in improving regional and commuter rail services.

They would also increase the number of bike and bus lanes and improve access to cities, enabling electrification of transport networks.

The head of the electoral list in the Valencia region, Joan Baldoví, has said that “we must give preference in the immediate future” to the development of the so-called Mediterranean corridor, as well as the Sagunto-Bilbao-Valencia rail link along the coast and within the Alicante province.

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