Motorbike Tour Company Reported

The Guardia Civil has filed a case against a business owner in the Almería town of Vélez-Rubio, who offered accommodation and guided motorcycle tours around the area, but lacked the appropriate permissions, licences and insurance to do so.

The case has been raised by officers from the environmental protection group of the Guardia Civil, SEPRONA, who were concerned that the route the motorcycles were taking was through countryside, private farms and cattle tracks and risked serious damage to the natural environment.

The officers gathered evidence through publicity and advertising where accommodation and tours were offered as suggested gifts for birthday parties, stag groups and similar, where guests could stay in the accommodation owned by the advertiser, which included the motorcycle tour.

The investigators found that the premises offered was not registered as tourist accommodation of any form and was a private dwelling, therefore lacking any of the required documentation, adaptations, safety or security features to provide accommodation.

In addition, the officers found 17 motorcycles which were prepared for use on the route, as well as an additional 2 which returned from their outing. Having checked the route, 13 complaints have been filed where there was no permission for the riders to pass through, as well as filing a complaint over the lack of liability insurance in relation to hiring the vehicles.

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