An Irish fugitive wanted on kidnapping and robbery charges dating back over six years, has been arrested by the National Police at Alicante-Elche airport. 34-year-old Jeffrey Melvin was detained on a European Arrest Warrant after the Dubliner skipped bail in 2012. He had been described in court as a jack-of-all trades and a ‘Del Boy’ figure.

He was accused of robbing the cash from Brinks Allied employee Reginald Shannon and also falsely imprisoning him, Angela Shannon and a child in Dublin, A National Police spokesperson said: – “He was living in Alicante Province and adopted high levels of security to avoid being discovered.”

Reports last year said that the Irish police had been tipped off that Melvin was based in Spain and could be using a fake passport to travel between the Costa Blanca and Ireland. It was also reported he had been travelling to Australia.

Reginald Shannon’s elderly mother and an eight-year-old child believed to be his niece were held on January 2010 while the Brinks Allied employee was sent to intercept a cash-in-transit van making a delivery at the Bank of Ireland on O’Connell Street in Dublin. The female pair were later released unharmed. Melvin was previously described in court as a jack-of-all trades and a ‘Del Boy’ figure.

The National Police spokesperson said: “The detainee is facing two possible life sentences if convicted of the crimes of robbery and illegal detention and up to 62 years if convicted of the crimes of illegal possession of firearms and membership of a criminal gang. A search was launched for him in Alicante Province and he was arrested outside Alicante-Elche airport while he was waiting in his car for another person.”

It is not known when Melvin was arrested or where he was living in the area.

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