Sunday’s La Unión parade celebrating the Virgen del Rosario took an unexpected turn when a member of a band taking part in the procession was hit by a man, who got out of his car after illegally driving down the main street in the Murcia region town. 

The 32-year-old Moroccan motorist was said to have driven dangerously on the road after gaining access by removing a barrier. He weaved his way round at speed whilst pedestrians watched aghast before he came across the Virgen de la Caridad band, and was told by one of the instrumentalists to take care. The driver got out of the car and head-butted the young man, before he was restrained by other members of the band, as he shouted profanities and threats at them. 

The parade was suspended whilst the local police arrested the man, who lives locally, and took him to the local health centre after he complained of suffering with neck pain. Mayor Pedro Lopez Milan said that the incident was regrettable but should not overshadow the fiesta celebrations.

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