Orihuela council is planning 137 changes to the authority’s budget and credit line to free up one point three extra million euros which include kick-starting the delayed improvement work on the Paseo de Cabo Roig, which has been closed due to rock falls. The tender process for the project though, will have to start from scratch, with over 600 thousand euros also pledged for road resurfacing and pavement improvements across the Orihuela Costa, as well as the extra money also set to be used to fund the 400-thousand-euro makeover of Orihuela City’s bull ring.

Tuesday’s news came in the wake of criticism from Cambiemos Orihuela spokesperson, Marta Guillén, that the work at Cabo Roig had been held up because of “incompetence and irregularities by the council”, with the delays meaning that the “credit line” for the project was no longer in place, whilst money appeared to have been found for the bullring work in Orihuela.

Rafael Almagro of the ruling Partido Popular responded by saying that a special plenary session of the authority has been called for next week which will see the government team seek approval for one point three million extra euros of expenditure on work all across the Orihuela area including the delayed work on the Paseo.

Almagro added that council technicians will work out which areas of the Orihuela Costa need to be prioritised for road and pavement enhancements, which so far means that no particular parts have so far been targeted.

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