A gang which sold exotic pets and other animals to local and national pet shops has been broken up by the Guardia Civil in Alicante. Four arrests were made in Alicante Province, and two in the Murcia region by the Guardia’s environment division, SEPRONA. A whole group of animals was recovered including 25 marmosets that had been bought on the black market or bred illegally, with a potential profit of over 130 thousand euros. At least 25 other people are being investigated around Spain for their part in the operation.

The monkeys were looked after at individual locations by people with contacts to pet shops, with the Guardia making local raids in Elche, Torrellano, Agost and La Algueña, in addition to further afield in Sevilla, Almeria and Albacete. Around 67 animals, including birds and tortoises, were said to have been bred or held for unlicensed selling.

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