A man has been found guilty of rape for the second time this year with Alicante Provincial Court sentencing him to 13 years and eight months behind bars after an incident at Arenales del Sol beach in May 2014.

The man lured his victim by advertising work for husband and wife teams and lured them to Arenales for a job interview. After a walk on the beach, the guilty man told the couple the work would involve having sex with him, and he pulled out a gun and threatened the husband, forcing the wife into committing indecent acts. The court ruled that the rapist must pay the couple 21 thousand euros in damages, after they refused to believe his defence that the couple had made the whole story up because he didn’t give them a job.

The defendant was given a four-year-jail sentence in January this year for attacking a woman in Alicante after a promise of work, but he was acquitted last month of a similar accusation due to contradictions in the statement of the woman that had claimed to have been assaulted.

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