A South American woman was rescued from what is being described as a cult exorcism after her neighbours heard ‘blood-curdling screams’ coming from her flat in northern Spain. 

Police were called to the property in Plaza de la Gesta in Oviedo, after reports of a screaming woman. The woman, whose identity is being protected, was taken to hospital after she was found in a ‘state of great mental anguish’ surrounded by several other people being led by a ‘shaman’. The woman was discharged hours later after it was confirmed that she had suffered no physical injury. 

Benito Gallego, dean of Oviedo Cathedral said:- ‘It absolutely had nothing to do with sanctioned Catholic exorcism. It may be that it was some sort of cult ritual, faith healing or voodoo, but is far removed from any exorcism that might be performed by the Catholic Church.’

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