An opposition Partido Popular councillor is calling on work to be finished on building a park in the El Chaparral area of Torrevieja, after the project was suspended 15 months ago due to the budget being spent and issues concerning the work contracts. The 40-thousand-square-metre area was being redeveloped by members of the Mediterraneo employment workshop with a variety of recreational facilities set to be erected on a piece of ex-wasteland.

Councillor Carmen Gómez has submitted a PP motion calling on Torrevieja council to make provision for the completion next year to be paid for by the 2017 budget. She reminded the mayor José Manuel Dolón and employment councillor Victor Ferrández that over 2,400 La Siesta and El Chaparral residents had signed and presented them with a petition calling on the project to be completed and that they cared for their local environment and were “sick of being lied to”.

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