The Guardia Civil have said that their investigation into a family slaying in the village of Pioz, some 50 kilometres from Madrid, is closed after a man confessed to the killings after he was arrested on his return to the country. François Patrick Nogueira Gouveia, 20, had brought forward his flight to his native Brazil by several weeks and left the country in August, the day after the couple and their two children, aged four and one, were found dismembered in bin-bags in their rented villa in Pioz.

Nogueira, the couple’s nephew, had lived with them for a while in Madrid, but his aggressive nature had led the family to move out of the area without giving a forwarding address. The accused admitted to killing his aunt, uncle and two young cousins,  saying that he had “an uncontrollable desire to kill, that he was unable to control it and that he was even aware of it” when he went to visit his relatives in Pioz on August 17th, said investigator Juan Jesus Reina.

“Patrick clearly knew what he was doing, so much so that he brought with him plastic bags, sticky tape and a knife,” he added.  

“He tells us all the time that he is not crazy,” said Reina, who described him as a solitary, egocentric and narcissistic person.  

On the day of the crime, his aunt let him in and he killed her in the kitchen with the knife, but says he does not remember the murder of the children, Reina said. Hours later, his uncle returned home, and he killed him in the hallway.

After dismembering his aunt and uncle and putting the corpses in plastic bags, Nogueira Gouveia showered, rested a few hours before leaving the next morning, back to his “normal life”, said Reina.

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