British people living in Spain have been told not to listen to Internet rumours and misinformation in the aftermath of this year’s Brexit vote. Alicante’s British Consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, on a visit to the Northern Costa Blanca, also encouraged British nationals to register on the local council padrons.  Morris hosted special meetings for the British communities in Jávea and Teulada, where she also stressed the need for residents to get their names on local padrons. 

She strongly advised British residents to get the latest updates on the Brexit situation from official sources, to avoid rumours, and she pointed out, not surprisingly, the existence of the dedicated UK government website,, and a special section within it about British nationals living and travelling in Europe.

Over the need to get locally registered, Morris said:- “We are feeding back statistics on how many British nationals are living in Spain so the UK government takes you into account when planning our exit from the EU,” said Morris. “The only figures we have are provided by the Spanish authorities – those on the padrón and those with residencias. It’s therefore crucial that you are registered locally, so that we can effectively represent you in this process.”

She assured attendees at the meetings that British people, both living in and visiting Spain, are a high priority in the information being fed back to London.

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